Electric vehicle infrastructure in the most sustainable way

for everyone, not for the elite

We believe in tomorrow’s world, in which everyone is driving electric vehicles. We are preparing to adopt electric cars globally without negative impact on nature. Join a new, green, sustainable world.

Speed and price

0-100 km range in less than 1 hour for up to €4.
It saves time and money.

Common city design

There is no need for massive chargers, let’s save the natural view of our cities with charging stations that perfectly fit everywhere.
Future is near, think about the need to charge 1 million cars, not 1 thousand.


Relax. Smart solutions shouldn't be expensive.
You don't need to buy the station. You can loan it with full Service as a Service solution.

Europe standards

We like standards. That's why our charging station implements
Type 2, Mode 3 and OCPP 2.1 standards.

New generation destination charging to make
internal combustion engine (ICE) cars go extinct faster.

Smart Solutions, No Need To Change Current Infrastructure

(Ultra) Fast charging concept is attractive, but it tries to solve a problem that does not exist and creates many others. New generation destination charging is an obvious solution for cities.

  • Network balancing
  • Easy to scale
  • Saves the vehicle’s battery lifetime
  • Low installation and use cost
  • Covers payment solution and electricity bills management

Our Works

Our current implementations and tomorrow’s perspective